Environmental Policy

Thalassa Hotel: Environmental Policy


We ensure that all guests receive bed linen, towels, table cloths and generally all linen items in a sterilized condition. Cleanliness so of high importance in all areas guaranteeing health, hygiene and personal safety.  High standards are guaranteed for all laundered items with regular specialized lab testing.

Our Aims & Methods

Minimizing the amount of wastes we dispose of, seek to recover through re-use or recycling as much as is economically practicable and ensure that the remainder is disposed of properly

Minimizing the use of energy and water through monitoring and increasing the efficiency of use and purchase environmental sound products wherever possible, while upholding the highest standards of comfort, quality and guest service

All employees are aware of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with the policy

To set and review environmental objectives and targets and to implement an action plan, addressing waste reduction, energy and resources conservation and raw materials and products environmental evaluation. The hotel will release the necessary resources to achieve these objectives using the best available practices, which do not entail excessive cost.

To communicate to our employees, customers and suppliers our policy and achievements in improving our environmental performance

To incorporate environmental management into the everyday buying and purchasing

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